"Disasters occur within the lives of our seniors everyday and in 2019, our group sensed activities of great magnitudes was taking shape, gradually, then suddenly - a Pandemic. Quality of life and proper nourishment is a step toward healthier aging throughout modern global societies as Ecosystems shifts as well."


Senior Citizen Communities / Aging Veterans

a 2001 Initiative

Societal Impact 2022

Our quest is aimed at eradicating malnourishment to promote healthier and active living within the aging population. Please join us in reaching out to someone that you may know of who could benefit from our mission since great health knows no boundaries.


As firm believers of quality food and nutrition during a time of turbulence within #GlobalShifts, #HumanPopulation, and #EnvironmentalImpact, disciplinary conscious eating has always been nature's special way of healing us from a wide variety of toxins we've been exposed to throughout our lives especially during these times. These toxins have stressed the cells within our bodies, causing some of us to frail more rapidly than others.

22 Days

"Repetition is the Mother of Skill" as they say. It only takes a few weeks to make something habitual even in our old age. So why not take advantage of an easy and exciting step toward the right direction in changing poor eating habits in order to amplify the healing process with a fresh way of nourishing the body, mind and spirit.


Listen to your body and challenge conventional wisdom whenever turning to quick and easy solutions to fight non-cronic symptoms like coughs, colds, or headaches. Recoup by using ingredients from the kitchen to sooth and subdue the natural way, you'll thank yourself later.

Our Mission

Our primary focus is to provide health conscious nourishment along with insight to support and guide our senior citizens who are in need by way of altruism. Our unique approach in feeding neglected seniors sometime simply just require a quick assessment beyond the typical doctor's visit, beginning right at home. Effectively identifying a recurring pattern can contribute to an individual's well being that can become life saving. Since 2001, we started this journey to dedicate our efforts in observing circumstantial needs and it has provided us way much more. Like the necessary perspective on how aging in today's society is uniquely based, a contrast to the more known cookie cutter methods that have been a tradition to what society has considered "Geriatric Care". Today - we are very proud to be able to share this cause with everyone as our discovery has lead us to use the freshest approach in sustaining healthier aging habits. Because of the overwhelming results becoming successful, accolades have been pouring in and our mission has finally been regarded as "modern methodology" by Health + Wellness advocates all over making this journey even more gratifying.

Rescue Missions

a few note worthy chirps!

"I had lived with Dementia and did not even realize it because of the fact that I'm a Doctor. Denial and disbelief plagued my condition rapidly so now I have Alzheimer's. The discovery and treatment began the moment THF reached out, because nobody else was around for me."

Dr. Peggy Horne

Chevy Chase, MD

"There will come a time when a condition impacts your life, and there's nothing you can do except to watch everything you love disappear. This is when you also let go of your dreams, of your plans, and soon yourself. THF helped me regain the power of belief, even as an 83 year old stroke victim."

Fred Sommer

Cupertino, CA

"Living alone with severe anxiety is a challenge. What a blessing to have come across THF otherwise nobody would have discovered my fall since my daughter lives in another state. I've completely recovered from the broken hip injury with the help of the org's founder. I'm finally living near my child."

Muriel Greenhut

Manhattan, NY

Become a Volunteer

Help touch lives through a modern approach in Gastronomy by using good food.


Some Highlights

To all that have contributed in some special way, we thank you on behalf of all of the communities and lives you've reached out to. Let's continue to reflect on those special moments so that you are always prepared to serve the elderly at a time of need.

Adapt & Transform

One of the greatest gift our nation provides its citizens, has always been our modern healthcare system. We must always remember how fortunate we are to also have access to western medicine and technology.


No matter how challenging it may be sometimes to deal with our personal healthcare matters, we must continue to remain grateful and humbled from the countless stories told by so many lives saved, and who could never have imagined the miracle they've experienced from western medical marvels.

If your experience with public health facilities are challenging, there are other ways to avoid confrontation or even a stressful environment. One of those ways is to maintain good eating habits, coupled with a moderate exercise routine. Then, in no time you may notice that trips to the doctor won't be as frequent as they use to be.

Respect Your Body

I've been normal and healthy throughout most of my life until recently. Being diagnosed with MS has been an indescribable experience.


Imagine living a normal life going through the day-to-day motions you'd thought would never end until, one day, you woke up without any warnings or signs of having a disease that would cripple you for the rest of your life. In my case MS was the culprit. It hasn't given me any loss of hope but it sure has put a dent on my plans

There are other cases that are more severe, for instance, acclaimed Chef Kerry Simon who was recently diagnosed with a rare form of Parkinson's. It made him speak out publicly by saying "I'm not afraid of dying, but I'm afraid to live like this."

So the next time you feel as if nothing is going your way, just remember folks like Chef Kerry and I, in order to appreciate all that we have before we lose it.

-J. Hernandez

Where did my Cart go?

I lose track of things due to progressive memory loss. Testing frightens me, but avoiding frequent doctor visits is also a losing battle. My doctors have described this as a form of neglect since I'm no longer independent.


If you know of anyone who could be suffering from unnoticeable memory loss such as Hal, there is hope. A family member or a caretaker from the ages of eight and up can become an assistant. Think of this as helping this special person by becoming their memory coach. It will make everyone's life much easier including a chance for you to become a hero.

But when the memory declines to critical levels where not eating and forgetting names become more prominent, professional help is always the safest and best solution. This is also the time when the family needs to decide what the next and final steps will be for the remainder of the elder's life.

Make a Difference

No matter the circumstances, people in general are always appreciative when given special attention.


If you've ever been moved to help a total stranger, either because you were motivated to or because something on TV inspired you to, then it's probably am internal signal to finally do something good for your community.

There are many reasons why anyone should participate in outreach work and one of them is spiritual fulfillment. We are all connected in some way, small or large, as creatures of God. Therefore, whenever a person is in real need of help, just remember that if you do amazing things in the lives of others, amazing things will happen in your own.

A Global Epidemic

Aging communities throughout our nation and the rest of the world will continue to grow, but our biggest challenge as a modern society, is how to sustain this frailing population while budgeting expenses for treatment and quality of care.


Corporate Healthcare leaders from all over have anticipated this unprecedented shift in the global population of humanity. This will not only require a giant leap in the way we provide care today, but more importantly what are the undiscovered solutions that can help sustain us within the near future.

In Sillicon Valley, as well as other forward thinking ecosystems around the world, companies are forming just to develop modern ways to irraticate and streamline the crisis within our healthcare system. As always, it is also much more effective for everyone to do their part in contributing toward this reduction by living a healthier lifestyle.

Gourmet is Better

If a recent lifestyle has caused you to lack proper nourishment and have lead to an ailment, you should consider only moderately splurging/enjoying certain types of foods by using good/alternative ingredients. More importantly, monitoring portion for your ideal BMI is one of the best habits to adopt for an instantaneously healthier lifestyle.


Western food culture would greatly benefit by learning from other parts of the world as a way to adapt to gradual dietary changes, which can be more palatable and healthier than any fad diet. As an example of reactionary changes in one's body - Dairy products are more heavily consumed by Europeans, Westerners and in Latin countries than it is throughout Asia. The U.S. however has had a long history of dairy consumption, starchy products and food produced with high levels of glucose, all constributing to obesity.

Most of the problems we run into later in life aren't necessarily the choices or the lack of oppose to the amount being consumed per meal. This has differentiated us from the rest of the world giving us the label of "The Big People" (obesity). Because of this epidemic, the next aging generation would greatly benefit from adopting a variety of internal exercises (Yoga /Tai-Chi) along with new eating habits, apart from just normal exercising. This could help to heighten internal energy for longevity and strengthen stamina/balance, as well as a healthier digestive system.

Wherever There's a Need

The journey of life should be a long and prosperous one, for all of us.

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After over 15 Years of serving variety of communities, we are finally ready to transcend to the next level by integrating

community-building projects to provide greater care to all seniors in need as well as those in transition.

Looking beyond food donations, our next step will contribute significantly as society ages.



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